St Stephen's RC Church



The 9.30am Sunday Mass is accompanied by a folk choir which meets alternate Monday evenings to practise between 7pm and 8pm in the small hall. Contact: Freda Vine.

The 11.30am Sunday Mass is accompanied by a choir with flute and keyboard. The choir practises on either Wednesday or Friday mornings. Contact: Gwen Chiosso.

The choirs also get together for special Masses such as at Easter, and for an annual Christmas Carol Service.

The choirs are always happy to welcome new members, be they singers or instrumentalists.

Parish Activities

There are many things to do in the Parish, some of them integral to the running of the Church. If you would like to get involved in something or wish to contact someone about a particular activity, here is where you will find the person you need to speak to. Contact details are provided for those who have explicitly agreed to have them on the site; others can be can be contacted through the priest and secretary as per contact details above.



APF (Missionary boxes)

Gwen Chiosso

Society of St Vincent de Paul

John Vine

Knights of St Columba

Terry Mann


Fred Umney


Joelle Rialland


Dave/Mel/Sue Hennessey

Keep Fit

Josie Pace

Gift Aid Scheme

Maureen Harrison

Hall Bookings

Managed by Praetorium (01372 457651)


Velia Dobinson (07789 673747)

Church Cleaning

Gwen Chiosso

Bible Course

Gwen Chiosso


Kath Ward

Zumba - visit for more info

Emma Lock (07979 330145)

Website Administrator

Tim Chiosso (