St Stephen's RC Church

Who's who in the Parish and how to contact them

The Parish Priest

The Parish Priest is Canon Edward Perera, who has been at St Stephen's since September 2018. He can be contacted at the Presbytery on 020 8303 4422, and by email at

Assistant Priest

The Assistant Priest is Father Romanus Ozuomba, and is also contactable at the Presbytery or by email at

The Parish Secretary

The parish secretary is Mrs Lorraine Harris. She can be contacted for general enquires and information on 020 8303 4422, Tuesday - Friday 10am - 1pm, or by email at

Parish Activities

There are many things to do in the Parish, some of them integral to the running of the Church. If you would like to get involved in something or wish to contact someone about a particular activity, here is where you will find the person you need to speak to. If you wish to contact anyone on this list, their phone numbers can be found in the church porch, on the back of the Parish Magazine, or through the priests and secretary as per contact details above.



APF (Missionary boxes)

May Sloan

Society of St Vincent de Paul

John Vine

Knights of St Columba

Terry Mann

Folk Choir for 9am Mass

Freda Vine

Choir for 11am Mass

Jovito Dias

Youth Choir

Vernon Fernandes

Friday Evening Prayer Group

Desmond Miller

St Stephen's Playgroup

Ilke O'Sullivan

Drama Group

Jo McGranaghan


Fred Umney


Claire Cook (


Gina Devlin


Suzanne Umney


Dave/Mel/Sue Hennessey

Keep Fit

Josie Pace

Readers' Rota

Helen Woodcock

Gift Aid Scheme

Maureen Harrison

Hall Bookings

Lorraine Harris


Mary Davis

Church Cleaning

Gwen Chiosso

St Stephen's School PA

Michelle O'Donnell

Parish Coffee Mornings

Jo & John Stanton

Parish Magazine Editor

Gwen Chiosso


Kath Ward

Website Administrator

Tim Chiosso (

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